Copywriting Isn't Rocket Science ... But I've Got That Covered Too

Happy Valley Technical provides copywriting services, marketing communications and business development support to clients in all industries. My primary focus is on technical companies in the B2B and B2G market, especially those in the defense industry.

My mission is simple - to help you achieve a greater return on investment with your marketing budget.

How do I do this?

By helping you use both online and offline methods to reach more and better prospects, educate them about your capabilities, products and services and to convert more of your prospects to long-term customers.

I focus on content development for both print and internet advertising including everything from simple brochures to website content and long-form sales promotions.

With over 18 years experience in engineering, project management, business development, and marketing in support of the US Defense Industry, I am especially well-suited to provide focused marketing products for companies in the technology and defense industry sectors.

Marketing copy comes in many different formats and can be used individually or as part of an integrated marketing approach.

I take pride in building personal relationships and getting to know my clients, their businesses, and - most importantly - their prospective customers. Doing so allows me to write engaging copy that is on-target, helping to generate high-quality leads and drive sales.

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